Mouvo Festival 2018

The third edition of the festival focused on the specifics of the interdisciplinary overlaps in which motion design originates: on the creative process that builds on the principle of cooperation above and beyond a genre-specific box. We've also developed an interactive app where visitors of the festival website could have played with elements of the visual style and create their own poster designs with endless possibilities. “To think beyond. To try harder. To cross borders, break barriers and influence one another. Let us jointly celebrate the bold ones who push us further. Who are able to lead where no one else has dared before. Who look for paths that have yet to be discovered.”


  • Created: 2018
  • Client: Czech Motion Design z.s.
  • Production: Oficina
  • Concept: Oficina
  • Artdirection: Oficina
  • Postproduction: Oficina, Jan Netusil, Vit Zemcik
  • Music: Jan Cechticky
  • Collaboration: Jan Netusil, Vit Zemcik, Jindrich Novak, Jiri Sembera, Maxim Kroft, Jakub Spacek